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My name is Carly. I'm old enough that I used to use a VCR. I love to write. I love to watch far too many TV shows. I love lamp.

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fake movies: avengers lady centric au (for nyssa)

Peggy is the one to get stuck in ice in and survive the century. Pepper doesn’t get rid of Extremis and becomes Rescue. Bruce Banner stays under the radar leaving Betty as the authority in gamma radiation. Jane retains some of the Aether’s powers. Thor is busy ruling Asgard, therefore Sif is the one tasked to retrieve the Tesseract. Director Fury rounds them all up along with Black Widow for his Avengers Initiative and, Barton being compromised, Maria Hill steps up as the marksman of the team. 

tldr; the ladies save the world instead

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happy onceday, shipmates! ♥

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“Oh, sure. I’ll just blow it off. I’ll just blow everything off.
Heck, I guess I’ll just blow off walking!
And now I’ll just blow off standing.
I’m just blowing everything off.”

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Emma Stone for Vogue (May 2014)

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make me choose:
katranga asked: jean-ralphio or mona lisa?”

"hope you brought a change of clothes, ‘cause your eyes are about to piss tears."

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"mom, i know a little something about sacrificing the people closest to me for the good of this city. it’s what you need to do now."
"i know."

Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

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Billie Piper on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (x)

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Your husbands name is Josh Dallas. Which is the greatest name I think I’ve ever heard.

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