jen & colin on set | july 16th (x)

We’re all ghosts to you.



Annie Edison + Season 5

How did I become the bad guy?

          Let’s get you a drink and I’ll tell you all about being the bad guy.


Karen Gillan @ the Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere in LA (July 21, 2014)


deancas + first scene in each season


attractive people meme: [1/5] blondes


THIS Happened.

And the world is now a little better. 


Australians on Tumblr Part 3

Part 1: x
Part 2: x

cs hiatus meme: Physical Contact [1/6] -> Lips

"For once, Oliver won’t be a smooth operator when he and Felicity do go on that date. “Let’s just say, Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences,” Kreisberg hints."
— Andrew Kreisberg talks Olicity date with (via holy-smoaked)